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We're Rollin'
From zero to hero in 24 months. Next on the list: production readiness.

v1. Basic UX Prototype


Basic actuator and input interface setup.

Equipped with a total of 8 transducers in the backrest and seat cushion, a Unity 3D application with custom sound output and 4 Stereo channels.

Demonstration of 4 use cases: Audio Augmentation, Engine Augmentation, Warnings and Wellbeing.

v2. Enhanced UX Prototype


Refined actuator setup (more channels) and a refined interface setup (car seat).

Use Case ‘Safety’ was added.

A driving simulation software application with custom sound output. A sound middleware software with up to 16 channels.

Prototypes are available in Berlin, Shanghai and Detroit.

v3. Drivable UX Prototype


Integration into a BMW i3s in order to evaluate driver feedback.

CAN integration that offers real-time in-vehicle testing capabilities. Completely re-designed actuator hardware to fit in a small box.

Detailed product development timeline and investment plan. In addition, final development partner network.

Drivable prototype is available across Europe.

Showcar @ CES 2023 in Las Vegas


Showcasing VIBES in a German Premium OEM Showcar at Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas.