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Haptics meets mobility.
Startup meets industry veterans.


We are using best in class actuator technology. It converts audio into haptic sensations and seamlessly corresponds with acoustics and vision to create a true immersion for the user.

We offer multiple actuator models from various partners to suite your specific requirements in size, performance and power consumption.

This allows TYP.1 to be a flexible solution for all seat models – 100% automotive grade.

Seat integration

The positioning of the transducer is a key success factor and depends heavily on your seat structure, foam structure, other features such as seat cooling or massage components and stitching patterns.

Together we will create a prototype based on your production seat within a few weeks time, which we can then test in our seating bucks or a driving vehicle prototype.


The intelligent heart of TYP.1 is our eXperience Processing Unit.

Besides a multi-channel amplifier it contains all the algorithms and sound synthesis capabilities we need to run the transducers in the most accurate and efficient way.

It can be integrated into the existing seat ECU, depending on your hardware- and software architecture.

Haptic OS

Our software solution Haptic OS runs on Linux based embedded systems and is the key ingredient for any haptic experience.

In order to create content efficiently, we are also developing a Haptic Creation Suite – a PC based prototyping and tuning tool.